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The Big Bad Book (of everything)

Things You Should Have Learned In School But Didn’t


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My Amazing Book of Everything

Finance For Kids


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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude: My Gratitude Journal


What Inspired The Big Bad Book of Everything and My Amazing Book of Everything?

The Big Bad Book (of everything) and My Amazing Book of Everything: Finance For Kids were born out of the many “I-did-not-know-this”, “why-did-I-not-know-this?”, “why-wasn’t-I-taught-this-in-school” that Anna heard throughout her career as a Financial Advisor. It’s no secret that making the wrong moves in your early 20’s can set you back in life for decades. Very often, these ‘wrong moves’ are made because we don’t know any better so the BBB and the ABE aim to level the playing field. They give you the 360-degree view of potential situations that you may face as a young adult.

Here’s what you can expect to find in the Big Bad Book (of everything):

  1. Incorporating & Registering Business
  2. Business Taxes (What to Pay & When)
  3. Reasons Businesses Fail (And How To Avoid Failure)
  4. Renting Commercial Property
  5. Investments 101
  6. Requirements – Opening Investment Account (for each of the leading investment houses)
  7. Acing a Job Interview
  8. Intense Personal Budgeting (the Real Stuff)
  9. Buying Real Estate
  10. Renting Real Estate
  11. Should you rent or buy real estate for personal use?
  12. Buying a Vehicle
  13. Employment Taxes (Statutory Deductions)
  14. Life Insurance
  15. Credit Cards (are they evil?)
  16. Ridding Yourself of Student Loans
  17. General Debt Reduction
  18. Building and Maintaining an Emergency Fund
  19. (Before) Quitting Your 9-5
  20. Building Multiple Sources of Income

Here’s what you can expect to find in My Amazing Book of Everything: Finance for Kids:

Chapter 1 – What is Money?

  • Types of money

  • Currencies

  • The Jamaican Currency

  • Jamaican Notes and Coins

  • Paying for Items Using Notes and Coins

  • Activity Corner

Chapter 2 – Why Do We Need Money?

  • Food, Clothing and Shelter
  • Education

  • Building Our Country

  • Charity

  • Activity Corner

Chapter 3 – Money in my Life

  • Goods and Services – Why can we touch and see some items but not others?
  • Income – How do my parents get money?

  • Needs and Wants

  • Which is more important – needs or wants?

  • Savings – Bank accounts and Money Jars!

  • Budgeting for Kids

  • Activity Corner

Chapter 4 – How Do We Get Money?

  • Big Words! Let’s Explore! Active Income and Passive Income
  • Interest

  • Compound Interest – Money Makes More Money!

  • Stock Market – Let’s Take Our Money Jar to the Market!

  • Real Estate and Me

  • Activity Corner

Chapter 5 – May I Borrow Some of Yours, Please?

  • Loans
  • How do loans work?

  • Is my loan my life partner?

  • Good loans!

  • Activity Corner

Chapter 6 – Emergency Fund

  • My Back Up Money is My Invisible Money
  • Activity Corner


Life is tough – but you are tougher! Get the knowledge you need to thrust you and your kids into greatness!