It’s me – Anna…because seeing the name on the website just wasn’t enough!

If you know anything about me, I’m pretty sure it’s that I’m that girl who loves MONEY. But here’s the kicker – it’s not that I love ‘money’, it’s that I love making and retaining money. I make and retain it because I’m fluent in the language of money and I’d love to teach you this language!

I’m not a huge fan of doing a lecture (which really is just a monologue) on a podium for hours on end but I LOVE the idea of teaching everything I know so instead of ‘courses’, I decided to start a club – how fun! If you want to PROPERLY build or strength your personal financial portfolio to stand for years to come, this club is perfect for you!

If you’re in debt and have no clue how to get out or you’re in debt and think you know how to get out or you have no debt at all but hello! Growth time! – join my club!

I Want To Join The Money Société!

What should you expect?

1. Every month (the Saturday closest to payday – you’ll get a meeting reminder) I’ll host a 1-hour online live discussion on a topic of personal finance (real estate, credit reports, investments, banks (and their tricks!), retirement, etc.)

2. Every month (a few days after the live discussion), I’ll do group coaching calls – which will be more intimate (no more than 10 persons per group) and this call will be to discuss generally how you can apply the topic from the live discussion to your own portfolio. We’ll check in to make sure we’re all on track for exponential growth and I’ll answer any questions you may have about that particular topic.

3. The Money Société Book Club! This club is great for everyone but especially persons who want to get into reading and need someone to help them develop the habit. Every month, I’ll recommend a book that has changed my life ASTRONOMICALLY and we’ll discuss. I won’t limit this club to personal finance – it’s for all-round amazing personal development.

4. Access to discussions with persons from the financial sector – having worked in finance for close to 3 years, I made a lot of friends in the financial sector, brilliant friends! I’ll take them along with me to the live discussion from time to time so you too can have access to their wealth of knowledge!

Your investment for access to this club would be $3,500 per month (JM $116 per day!)

I Want To Join The Money Société!


Let’s say you’re pretty much financially literate but you’re still struggling with figuring out the next step and getting there or you struggle with budgeting or your financial life is upside down, then TMS Overdrive’ is for you.

What should you expect?

You’ll get my help – one-on-one attention.

  • Initial 30-minute consultation with me for us to discuss your portfolio, your goals and for me to make a diagnosis;

  • A plan will be created for you and PDFs emailed to you for reference throughout the program;

  • Consistent 30-minute personal coaching call every month after payday to keep you on track and to create ACCOUNTABILITY; and

  • Debt coaching and budgeting.

Your investment for this would be $6,500 per month (JM $200 per day!)

Doesn’t this all sound so FUN?!

My biggest desire is to create a group of strong, empowered, financially literate people whose vision and accomplishments will change the country!

As I’m writing this, making my fingers tick with excitement – I’m so ready! Are you?

I Want To Join The Money Société!